2021 Edition

Data Against Feminicide 2021

During Data Against Feminicide 2021several organizations and activists shared their experiences in collecting and using data to make feminicide visible in the Americas

Data tools

The participants of the 2021 edition of Data Against Femicide had the opportunity to use the tools developed to detect cases of femicide and facilitate the systematization of information in spreadsheets

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Technology in action

How can technology support feminicide data practices? Can an algorithm learn to detect feminicides? Can a plug-in reduce emotional labour? This November 24th, Data Against Feminicide invites you to explore the role of technology in the production of feminicide data.

In honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we will have a virtual meeting where you can learn about – and try out! – two tools which were co-designed by activists, academics, and technologists. These tools aim to support the labour of recording cases of feminicide.

We invite all people who are interested in working with feminicide data, from activism and civil society, from academia, from journalism or from the public sector.

Data Against Feminicide is an initiative that unites practices, knowledge, and emotions from activism, academia and civil society to foster an international community of practice around feminicide data; develops tools to support the collection of feminicide data; and supports efforts to standardize the production of feminicide data. This initiative is promoted by Catherine D’Ignazio (Data + Feminism Lab @ MIT), Silvana Fumega (ILDA) and Helena Suárez Val (Feminicidio Uruguay).

Program – Data Against Feminicide 2021

First session: 9 AM (MEX) | 10 AM (USA) | 12 PM (ARG) | 3 PM (UK) (duration 1.5 hrs)

  • Data and technology to fight against feminicide (25 min)

    -Welcome. Updating our community directory. Presentation of two tools for the detection and collection of feminicide data designed within the framework of the Data Against Feminicide collaboration  (Catherine D’Ignazio, Silvana Fumega and Helena Suárez Val)
    -Launch of the course Data Against Feminicide: Theory and Practice

  • Round table (30 min)

    -The role of technology, its challenges, risks and benefits in the work of organizations and activists that record feminicide (discussion facilitated by Ángeles Martinez Cuba)

Second session: 11 AM (MEX) | 12 PM (USA) | 2 PM (ARG) | 5 PM (UK) (duration 1.5 hrs

  • Workshop (in Spanish, English, Portuguese)

    -Participants will have the opportunity to use the Data Against Feminicide tools (Helena Suárez Val/Catherine D’Ignazio/Isadora Cruxên & Luciana Ribeiro da Silva)

  • Closing

    -Art and feminicide
    -Reminder of the course